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  generated by the new process dramatically boost the production capacity for Ti-6Al- 4V parts, increasing throughput by a factor of five over traditional hot-forming process- es, report Quintus officials.
Quintus Technologies:
Hydraulic-Press Line
to Be Showcased
Rugged PC Tablet Ideal for Shop-Floor Use
In showcasing its unique hydraulic- press applications at the upcoming IMTS in Chicago, September 10-15, Greenerd Press & Machine will highlight a new transfer line for an automotive company.
The XSlate B10 rugget tablet from Xplore, a fully featured tablet PC, is built to withstand harsh environments such as metalforming and fabricating shop floors. The IP65-rated tablet, weighing only 2.4 lb., features a unique set of eight sealed ports as well as options that include an HDMI-In port. It offers operation to 20 hr. with a swappable second-battery option, and enables 4G LTE broadband data access. That tablet also integrates easily into a manufacturer’s Windows IT infrastructure, according to company officials, and offers a variety of accessories also built to withstand harsh environments. Xplore:
Tech Update
        The best tooling is American made!
You may not think there’s much difference in tooling for stamping and roll forming, but with our precision punches and buttons, you’ll also get our commitment to provide you the best tooling, at the right time, for the right price. We’ll work hard to help make your operation more efficient and more profitable. Isn’t it time to choose a tooling supplier that really is different?
Because there really is a difference!
             The line (pictured) features three stations for drawing, redrawing and punching. Two 250-ton draw presses join a 150-ton punching press on the line, which will top out at speeds exceeding 2000 in./min.
“We are seeing substantial growth acceleration in the automotive, aerospace, appliance and HVAC equipment markets,” says Jerry Letendre, Greenerd Press & Machine CEO, noting that the company provides solutions for such applications via hydraulic presses in styles ranging from gap-frame and straightside to die- spotting and forging presses, with unlimited size and tonnage capabilities.
Greenerd Press & Machine:
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