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ERP Systems—New and Improved
  CRM supports digitally enabled sales engagements for improved efficiency and productivity in buyer/seller expe- riences and revenue acceleration. Mobile CRM syncs and updates with Epicor ERP data in real time, enabling sales teams to access vital information such as real-time stock status and customer credit availability—whether in the office or in the field—via any mobile device.
Other key features include visual analytics capabilities via Epicor Data Discovery, and smart inventory planning and optimization.
Epicor Software Corp.:
Updates from Macola
In April of this year, Macola Software, an ECi Software Solutions company, released Macola 10.7, the latest version of its ERP and business-management software. Macola 10.7 expands the Macola ecosystem with new third-party appli- cation program interfaces (APIs), and offers customers the convenience of accessing and analyzing data in real-time and at a glance, giving them critical status updates at every step in the supply chain. Macola also streamlined key processes within the platform, including order entry, billing selection, searching and filtering orders, quoting and creating credit memos.
Key features and benefits:
• The end of-version lock. By creating a powerful and flex- ible extension layer to the platform, Macola will virtually eliminate the “version lock” that has plagued ERP systems for generations. This liberates users from the fear of upgrading.
• An expanding ecosystem. Macola 10.7 features hundreds of new API functions, ensuring visibility of real-time data and control of enterprise processes through integrated third- party apps.
• Doubling down on user experience and streamlined processes. Macola 10.7 incorporates convenience features such as at-a-glance status indicators that instantly let cus- tomer-service personnel determine the status of orders. It has a redesigned features and options configurator—dra- matically simplified to increase speed and simplicity when entering orders.
Macola Software:
ECi Solution for Consolidation
M1, from ECi Software Solutions, Fort Worth, TX, ideal for manufacturers looking to consolidate data scattered across the organization and connect critical processes. In addition to the software’s production module, the system has seven others—sales, engineering, inventory, purchasing, quality assurance, shipping and accounting. Twelve addi- tional modules can be added to customize the software for specific customer needs, including CAD and advanced busi- ness reporting.
Users can customize layouts, grids and reports down to
the field level, while single-click access provides metalformers with simple access to important information. The latest release also has enhanced features for cost of goods sold, for precise job costing; first-in, first-out/last-in, first-out inventory control; and improved scheduling functionality. ECi Software Solutions:
WorkWise Includes Heads-Up Feature
The latest ERP offering by WorkWise, Menomonee Falls, WI, version 9.10, contains enhanced shop-scheduling, esti- mating and financial-management capabilities. The Heads Up in-board alert engine has more than 200 “events,” mon- itored to anticipate problems and reach out to the appro- priate person. Users can subscribe to events and even filter the data to provide as much granularity as needed.
In addition, the business-metrics and mobile-ERP apps
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