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  Software for Manufacturing
Software Allows Production-Data Management in Real Time with Robust Analytics Features
Online Selection, Configuration of Die-Changing and Positioning Components
 Lantek’s five-module Synergy software system represents a digital transformation for manufacturers and provides a sectional view of the production chain.
Manufacturing Analytics enables the
Roemheld’s bars designated for use in press T-slots facilitate and accelerate the insertion and positioning of dies. While roller bars allow for linear movement, heavy loads may be shifted by means of ball bars. The company provides hydraulic and spring-action models in six slot widths.
Module one, Manufacturing Analytics, allows users to manage production data in real time by capturing, analyzing and viewing the most relevant data in the pro- duction chain. Three main dashboards help to improve efficiency and usability in these areas:
integration of the four business intelligence modules—Integra (ERP), Manager (MES), Flex3d (3D CAD/CAM) and Expert (CAD/CAM nesting). The most relevant data and KPIs for CRM, ERP, MES and CAD/CAM are analyzed according to each user permission.
The configurator provides an overview of the company’s offerings of roller and ball bars, and facilitates the order process. Users may send inquiries directly and have dimension drawings for their bar version, including technical data and order numbers, prepared at the touch of a button. In addition, technical data of a bar may be accessed via a backward search based on a given order number. Also, customers can choose between alu- minum and steel casings. Requested lengths, ball center distances and required slot depths may be designed individually and entered into the configurator.
• Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)— From one machine to entire enter- prises, users can systematically view, ana- lyze and quantify all key performance indicators (KPI).
Consolidated data plant, customer, materials, etc., are accessible from any web client with a responsive interface and analyzed from any device. Combined role and permissions management allow users to access relevant information when necessary and to activate email notifica- tions or alerts for such situations as unplanned stops, stock breaks and pro- duction errors.
• Machine Conditioning—Real-time monitoring of each work center in a cor- poration shows the status of each machine.
Lantek also provides integration gate- ways for connecting its BI modules with other BI or ERP solutions.
Resulting data such as carrying capacity, oil quantity and the maximum possible operating temperature of a bar are sum- marized in a request breakdown. In addi- tion, users may obtain technical drawings that include all dimensions.
• Inventory—Real time analysis of KPIs on a global and detailed (plant or warehouse) basis allow for correct stock
New Optimizing Software Results from Merger
Newly launched Optiware, headquar- tered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and the result of the merger between API Main- tenance Systems and Axxos Industrial Systems, brings to the market two opti- mization software lines: API Pro and Axxos OEE. Explaining the whys behind the new company is CEO Michael Ries: “We wanted to achieve synergies and grow
our business from our new, combined offering. With two strong product brands it also became clear that we needed an overarching name to present to our cus- tomers and employees and to claim our position in the world of Industry 4.0. We provide optimization software, and the new name tells you just that.”
State of Manufacturing Report Shows Industry 4.0 in Full Swing
10 MetalForming/July 2018
A new online configuration offering from Roemheld allows users to select and compile roller and ball bars used for die changeout and positioning in presses. The page can be accessed from the com- pany’s website and is optimized for use on smartphones and tablets. Plans call for a phone app of this offering.
The State of Manufacturing Technology (SOMT) report by Troy, MI-based Plex Sys- tems, which surveyed more than 150 respondents representing such industries as aerospace, automotive, and industrial

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