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                  The substantial difference in additive-process cycle time to 3D-print the die sets for the B-pillar and floor pan (Table 2) reflects the difference in the amount of material deposi- tion required. Further, since the cost of the weld wire exceeds that of the base metal, material cost becomes significant as draw depth and part size increases. A common trend in cost estimates for the three die sets is that finish machining and polishing account for the majority of the manufactur- ing cost. Therefore, tooling can be made less expensively with 3D printing when parts do not require a high surface finish.
Advancing 3D-Printed Dies
The benefits of this concept extend beyond the realm of automotive manufacturing and apply across any metal- stamping application. The WAAM process can offer an eco- nomical advantage when producing die sets for parts with rel- atively shallow draw depths. However, as part complexity grows, and for dies that require cooling channels (for hot stamping, for example), a powder-bed AM process may prove more advantageous.
While the slow deposition rate and high investment cost of a powder-bed system are prohibitive, the better geomet- ric accuracy from powder-bed processes can enable the placement of conformal cooling channels. These can improve temperature distribution along the part surface and also substantially enhance cooling. MF
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