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  steel on our plasma-cutting machine and then drill any of the holes that were required. The secondary hole- drilling process diminished through- put, not to mention the need to sand off any edge discoloration from plasma cutting. That’s all become a thing of the past with the new waterjet machine.”
We saw several examples of the quality of the work coming off the new waterjet machine. Included were parts being cut from Type 304 stainless-steel sheets (5 by 10 ft.) for fabricating chutes and ductwork for a General Mills food- processing plant; and copper inserts for furnace nozzles, fabricated for a com- pany that gas-atomizes metal powder.
“When we were automotive- focused,” says Wolfe, “it often was dif- ficult to differentiate ourselves from the several other shops around that can do that kind of work. Now, thanks in part to becoming experts in stain- less-steel fabrication, we can make a name for ourselves and separate from the pack.” MF
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