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 Data quality has become the primary concern at Wiegel Tool Works. Using Wintriss’ ShopFloorConnect software to oversee its press lines and gather and deliver production and downtime data, the firm has decreased changeover times by 20 percent and increased OEE by
10 percent.
A New Age in Metalforming
    Asset-utilization software is the kingpin in a metalformer’s campaign to enable plant-floor process ownership and responsibility, and drive down inefficiencies. And, management and staff are monitoring, as a waterfall alert system keeps uptime and OEE top-of-mind.
has been collecting and reacting to shopfloor data for some 12 years, via the evolving technology offerings from Wintriss. Wiegel has for years used Win- triss’ PacNet reporting software, Smart- Pac 2 press controls, LETS enhanced data-collection software and, most recently, ShopFloorConnect asset-uti- lization software. By collecting and analyzing shopfloor data and reacting to issues impacting efficiency, the plant couldn’t help but realize positive results.
To take the next steps, two years ago WTW owner Aaron Wiegel embarked on the company’s most recent cam- paign to ensure that the data being collected and used to drive manage- ment decisions is as accurate and com- plete as possible.
“While we experienced consider- able efficiency gains in areas like quick die change and OEE,” says Wiegel, com- menting on 12 years’ worth of shop- floor data collection, “we still believed we could accomplish much more by getting better data from the floor. Too
In this age of automated shopfloor- data collection and delivery, there’s no reason for metalforming-plant managers to not know exactly what’s going on at their production lines— anytime, anywhere. The ability to col- lect real-time statistics from equip- ment allows metalformers to leverage modernized information-technology systems as the foundation of a data- quality program. Then, they can use the collected data to help govern the dozens of critical decisions made by shop managers, day in and day out, to ensure the optimization of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).
The end goal, as always, is to meet or exceed quality and delivery expecta- tions of customers and—most impor- tantly—optimize efficiency and prof- itability. Think “garbage in, garbage out,” as the phrase relates to comput- er programming, and apply the theo- ries to building a quality metalforming operation.
A Modern-Day Metalformer’s Data-Quality Program
Case in point: The data-quality pro- gram in place at precision metal stam- per and tool-and-die shop Wiegel Tool Works (WTW), in Wood Dale, IL. WTW
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