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                                 Russell L. Nguyen, President/CEO of L&T Precision Corporation
Ultimate Flexibility.
“Amada’s C1 AJ and HG ATC allow us to seamlessly accommodate any job, anytime.”
— Russell L. Nguyen, President/CEO L&T Precision Corporation
Amada’s ATC (Automatic Tool Changer) is equipped with 18 magazines for dies and 15 for punches — providing the flexibility to accommodate rush jobs seamlessly and triple or quadruple the number of bending setups per day.
 Founded in 1984, L&T Precision
Corporation began doing business in a 1,500 sq. ft. shop with 4 employees. Today, staffed with over 100 employees, L &T operates from a 48,687 sq. ft. facility in Poway, California serving a wide range of industries includ- ing; aerospace, defense, medical, communication and commercial. An ongoing commitment to exceed customers’ expectations is key to L&T’s growth — it’s also the reason for partnering with Amada. L&T was searching for an innovative and integrated punching, laser cutting and bending solution — and, that’s precisely what Amada provided. Included in Amada’s innovative solution is an LC 2515 C1 A J punch/fiber laser combination machine and an HG 1003 ATC hybrid-drive press brake that’s equipped with an Automatic Tool Changer.
Russell Nguyen,L&T’s President/CEO,reflects on the purchase: “Amada’s punch/fiber laser technology and Automatic Tool Changer allow us to cost-effectively produce what our customers need, when they need it. The C1 AJ maintains consistent accuracy through multiple processes while eliminating secondary operations. Its unique processing features reduced our tapping times by 95% and reduced the time required for countersink operations by 90%. In addition, the HG ATC allows us to achieve un- precedented productivity. What used to require 2 operators and 3 press brakes, is now produced quicker and with greater accuracy by one operator and the HG ATC.”
Benefits of Amada’s Lean and Extremely Flexible Manufacturing Solution:
• Unmatched Efficiency (The LC 2515 C1 A J enables L &T to punch, cut, form and tap on a single machine. Combined processing, in addition to the ability to nest punch and laser parts, has reduced setup and processing times by 85%).
• Cost-Effective Production Regardless of Lot Size (Many of L&T’s bending lot sizes consist of 20 parts or less. Previously, operators were spending up to 90% of their time on setup. Today, manual setup and test pieces have been eliminated as the HG 1003 ATC provides automatic and precise tool changes).
• Reduced Lead Times and Increased Productivity (Seamless process integration of the C1 AJ, combined with the automated features of the HG ATC, have significantly reduced L&T’s lead times. Additional benefits include: maximiz- ing both productivity and flexibility, while reducing secondary operations and costs).
The LC 2515 C1 AJ combines the force of a 22-ton turret punch
press with the flexibility of a 2kW fiber laser. A 49-station MPT (Multi- Purpose Turret) provides for unique forming and tapping features — further enhancing productivity and reducing secondary operations.
Amada America, Inc.
180 Amada Court Schaumburg, IL 60173 877-262-3287

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