Page 5 - MetalForming July 2012
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                    If your part dimensions must be verified with micron-level resolution, your press should be too!
Komatsu Mechanical Servo Presses feature:
 Patented closed loop feed back system insures slide position and die height accuracy in microns.
 Complete digital control of slide motion (position, speed and dwell)
at any point in the stroke.
 VIS© Software provides exact digital data of position, velocity, energy, tonnage and other parameters within each stroke.
 3-times more working energy than a mechanical press.
See why Komatsu is the leader in Servo Press Technology.
Accuracy is not an option!
Komatsu America Industries, LLC
1701 Golf Road Suite 1-100  Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 Phone: 847-437-3888  Fax: 847-437-1811
Komatsu VIS © Software
Over 2,800 Komatsu Servo Presses in production worldwide
Capacities 35 to 4000 tons
Frame styles in gap, solid frame, full tie rod
Single and multi- point designs.

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