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                 Toolroom Technology
 parts the die will stamp, type of mate- rial, etc. Then we build up the spare- parts inventory we think we’ll need and plug the data into the kanban system, which also is used to track die-main- tenance activity in the toolroom. This inventory management and control of our spare die components then triggers, from the Excel database, the release of purchase orders for the toolroom.
“Now we keep precise records and know how much money we’re spending on spare die details, and also track scrap and rework from our machining operations,” continues Walsman. “And with goals and measures in place, we can work knowledgably to improve effi- ciency and productivity, and ultimate- ly reduce our costs.”
New Technology—
from Design to Production
To achieve those goals, Walsman and his team have instituted several changes to their operations. For starters, the firm invested in Surfcam CAD-CAM
software and in AutoForm die-design and manufacturing software. BT&D engi- neers use AutoForm to perform stamp and draw simulations, evaluate die- design iterations and minimize the trial- and-error die-design and build process.
“We’re focused on helping our cus- tomers move new tools into production as quickly as possible,” says Walsman, noting that the company used to out- source die simulation and virtual tryout before bringing it inhouse in 2010. “With upfront design support using AutoForm, we can identify trouble areas and catch problems in design before the tool is detailed.
“Simulation inhouse also helps our toolroom operate more efficiently,” continues Walsman. “The need to rework details has been dramatically reduced.”
In the shop, several new CNC machin- ing centers have automated the compa- ny’s tool and die manufacturing opera- tions. Machine-tool supplier of choice: Southwestern Industries, Inc., Rancho Dominguez, CA, which markets a line of
 The BT&D toolroom uses this new 7.5-hp heavy-duty knee mill, running a Niagara solid-carbide mill, to hog material for machining of die shoes and parallels. It’s one of three new CNC mills contributing to productivity gains in the toolroom, along with two new CNC lathes, aided by a recent switch to a new semi-synthetic coolant.
   “We know die tooling. We know machining. We have the capabilities.
And we deliver precision.” Irvin Swider – President, Future Products
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