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                                                   Komatsu Servo Drive Mechanical Press
       The Next Generation of Presses has arrived.
       Komatsu Servo Presses control both slide velocity and motion throughout the stroke, manag- ing reverse loads with slide position accuracy in microns. Imagine, instead of settling for the “fixed” speed and stroke of a link or eccentric drive, you have complete programmable control of slide velocity and motion where it counts the most— throughout the working part of the stroke.
          Servo Press tandem line for large screen plasma television chassis and frame
                  AO AB
 Compared to a traditional mech- anical press, Komatsu servo presses offer:
With over 2,500 Servo Presses in production today, Komatsu Servo presses are available in single point design (gap or solid frame) from 35 to 330 tons and multi-point straight sides from 220 to 3000 tons. Visit our website and See Tomorrow’s Technology Today— only from Komatsu.
   • Control of slide velocity and motion anywAhere in the stroke;
   • At least twice the working energy “inch tons”;
• Consume 30% less electrical power;
• No loss of energy, even at 1 SPM;
• Slide position accuracy and repeatability within 20 microns stroke after stroke.
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