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   Today’s fabricating technology promises the ability to produce high-quality components job after job, in a variety of applications. And, in each issue, MetalForming is committed to informing you on how fabrication equipment delivers.
This month, we dive into automation. Learn about the various shop-floor applications for robots and cobots in operations of any size, and how to determine ROI. We also profile a Missouri manufacturer that boosted robotic welding productivity by 30 percent via technology upgrades.
And, read how a new Pennsylvania fabricator benefits from automated fiber laser tube cutting.
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News & Technology
30- to 150-kVA Rocker-Arm Resistance Spot-Welding Machines
Weld Systems Integrators (WSI), Warrensville Heights, OH, has introduced its WSI Series rocker-arm resistance spot-welding machines, which can include many standard and optional features and WSI-recommended upgrades, including:
• Power options: 30, 50, 75, 100 and 150 kVA • Voltage: 208, 230, 460 and 550 V
• Throat depth: 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42 or 48 in. • Single-phase AC/60 Hz (MFDC optional)
• Choice of welding controls
• Water chillers and recirculators
• Unitrol Soft Touch passive pinch-point safety system.
One example is a 75-kVA unit built for steel-door welding applications, and featuring
a solid-steel frame, Entron EN6001 weld control, 48-in. throat depth and solid copper arms. In addition, it features the WSI-recommended upgrade to the Unitrol Soft Touch safety system and an adjustable/retractable air cylinder.
Weld Systems Integrators:
LVD Acquires Solutions Business of Kuka Benelux, Establishes LVD Robotic Solutions bv
LVD Company nv, Gullegem, Belgium, has acquired the solutions business unit of Kuka Automatisering + Robotics nv in Houthalen-Helchteren, Belgium, to launch the new company, LVD Robotic Solutions bv. The new entity will build on LVD’s experience with engineering robotic sys- tems for sheet metal working, centered on no robot teaching, high throughput and fast “art to part.”
Core areas of focus for LVD Robotic Solu- tions will include standardized robotic solu- tions for sheet metal working based on LVD products, including Dyna-Cell and Ulti-Form, using LVD’s programming system Cadman- Sim and robotic solutions for other industrial applications, including part deburring, metal coating, automotive workpiece handling, press linking and part bin picking.
As part of the transaction, LVD acquires the Kuka Beneflux 7000-sq.-m Houthalen- Helchteren facility. LVD plans additional investment in the facility to further enhance operations and to establish a Center of Excellence for robotic automation.
LVD Group:
New Name for Manufacturer of Hypertherm Plasma and Omax Waterjet Products
Hypertherm announced that is has changed its corporate name to Hypertherm Associates, representing the company’s evolution from a manufacturer of plasma cutting products to a multi-technology provider of industrial cutting solutions, and to underscore the importance of its on-staff associates.
Hypertherm Associates will continue to offer industrial cutting solutions including plasma, waterjet, software and more, organ- ized under four distinct businesses. Hyper- therm will continue as the brand for plasma cutting products, while Omax will remain the name for its waterjet cutting systems. Two newly defined groups, the Hypertherm Associates Software Group and Hypertherm Associates Aftermarket Group, will encom- pass product brands such as ProNest and Robotmaster software, and Centricut laser and AccuStream waterjet parts.
Along with the name, Hypertherm Asso- ciates is introducing a new corporate logo, designed to resemble a nest of cut parts, and updated logos for its technology brands. Hypertherm Associates:
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