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  off of press power and controls. Fully sensored, this job produces 50,000 parts/ week.
Experience, Communication Drive Innovation
Touring Omex, it
comes as no surprise
that the company has
quickly caught on and
squeezed the most
from its servomechan-
ical presses. Inhouse
engineering expertise is
on display throughout
the plant, including a straightener/feeder on
the 2016 servomechan-
ical press line that rests on a track for simple movement away from the press for manual part handling and transfer setup. Press beds also have been inhouse-engineered with press-bed grooves matched to die-block grooves
that then feed rollforming lines to pro- duce fully or partially threaded rods, which eventually are stamped and assembled into seating and drivetrain components. There’s more, including robotic welding cells customized for part loading and unloading without interrupting production and featuring a centralized fume-exhaust system. And, a wealth of inhouse-automated assembly equipment populates the plant floor.
These innovations grow out of an Omex philosophy to hire engineering talent and place a premium on shop- floor experience.
“Much of our management team not only has engineering degrees, but also started out on the shop floor,” Slawek says. “This experience and knowhow, along with encouragement for feedback from the plant floor— operators and technicians are on the front line and know the issues—result in a positive culture at Omex that drives innovation.” MF
Omex designed a process for continuous wire feeding via welding automation. The wire makes its way through roll- forming and stamping machines to produce spindle parts for automotive applications.
and blocks to quickly and accurately place tooling.
Another inhouse win: continuous feeding of raw wire courtesy of custom wire-welding stations. The wire travels through draw lines to produce blanks
                  Our selection of Permanent and Electro magnet lifts cover a wide range of steel lifting applications. We also specialize in custom lift solutions designed specifically for your application.
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