Notifications Add Effectiveness to ERP/MRP Systems

January 26, 2022

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Technology Focus: Software
MetalForming brings you the January installment of our monthly Technology Focus newsletter, this month highlighting Software.

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Notifications Add Effectiveness to ERP/MRP Systems
“Even with an ERP/MRP system in place, it might be difficult to keep tabs on inventory requirements, production plans, and other important areas of the business,” reads a recent blog post at MRPeasy. A huge help here: Low-stock alerts and other manufacturing and inventory notifications.

“Even though an ERP system is a huge step forward in inventory tracking and manufacturing management,” the blog continues, “without someone constantly checking the data in the software, things can sometimes be overlooked. For example, a new unforeseen task can be left unnoticed, low inventory levels can be left unattended, and the maintenance schedule of machinery disregarded.”

The takeaway: Make sure your ERP/MRP system supports the needed notifications.

predicting springback
Predicting Springback with Simulation
Sounds quite easy, doesn’t it? After all, there are papers from the 1980s on predicting springback using finite-element analysis (FEA), and many commercially available software packages offer die designers easy access to FEA capabilities. Yet with all of these advancements, we still hear of shops machining die surfaces two or more times. What goes wrong?

Bill Krauss
Vulcan Spring Promotes Bill Krauss to President
Vulcan Spring & Mfg. Co., Telford, PA, a manufacturer of flat steel springs and related assemblies, has promoted Bill Krauss to president. A 37-yr. veteran of the spring industry, the previous 25 years spent with Vulcan, Krauss previously served as COO.

Macrodyne Acquires German Press Manufacturer Dunkes
Macrodyne Technologies Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, a manufacturer of hydraulic presses and press lines for general metal forming applications, hot stamping, deep drawing, coining, hydroforming, and other applications, has acquired Dunkes GmbH, a manufacturer of hydraulic presses to 3000 tons for metal forming and assembly applications. Dunkes also produces custom riveting and straightening presses (manual and automated).

FABTECH Mexico Returns in 2022
Plans are underway for FABTECH Mexico to return to Monterrey, May 3-5, 2022. The show will bring together more than 500 exhibitors presenting the latest in technology and solutions to more than 8000 attendees from Mexico and Latin America.

A.J. Rose Manufacturing Joins Century Club
A.J. Rose Manufacturing Co., Avon, OH, celebrates its 100th year in business, as the company was founded in 1922 by Czech immigrant Anton J. Rose as a small tool shop in Cleveland, OH. Focusing on innovation, value and new technology, the first products developed were small fasteners, bomb fuses, brackets and wire-brush stampings. The small tool shop soon took over an entire block on Cleveland’s west side, and in 1995, A.J. Rose built its corporate headquarters in Avon, a Cleveland suburb. The company later opened a location in India to increase its global business and strengthen its position overseas. Today, A.J. Rose plays a major role in the automotive industry’s global supply-chain, providing world-class products to the large automakers as well as various other industries.

New March Dates for the Stamping and Lubrication Technology Conference
PMA and MetalForming magazine’s popular stamping conference is back and better than ever. In 2021, lubrication technology was added to the event, which took it to the next level. Now named the Metal Stamping and Lubrication Technology Conference, it is heading to Cincinnati, OH, for the first time. Originally slated for January 18-19, the new dates are March 29-30, 2022.

Hot Off the Press
Fortech Products Earns Ford Q1 Certification
Aida-America Adds to After-Market Team
Gestamp Employs ArcelorMittal Green Certificates For Sustainability Effort
Solar Atmospheres Adds Furnace to Reclaim Titanium and Tantalum

January 2022
From the January-February Issue of MetalForming
New Column Tackles Pressroom Challenges
Four years ago, I had the privilege of taking over MetalForming magazine’s The Science of Forming column, crafted for decades by Dr. Stuart Keeler, the father of the forming-limit diagram (FLD). Nearly every topic he discussed in his columns had its origin in a classic textbook or something observed in a laboratory. Some of my writings attempt to cover similar topics. I also have incorporated concepts related to common issues observed while working with global metal producers and manufacturing companies, small and large.
Resistance-Welding Training Helps the Best Get Better

Knapheide Manufacturing’s entire welding team recently completed the industry’s first Certified Resistance Welding Training (CWRT) seminar, with three attaining the CRWT credential so far. Here’s how the training has paid off for the truck-body and bed manufacturer.

New Products
New Version of CAD/CAM Fab Software Offers Host of Upgrades, Greater Shop Connectivity
Lantek Open-Systems Approach Provides Route to Smart Factory
New LVD Cadman Software Version for Streamlining Fabricating
New Fanuc Robot Designed to Handle Heavy Products

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