Sintavia Develops Proprietary Copper-Printing Technology

July 21, 2021

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Sintavia Develops Proprietary Copper-Printing Technology
Sintavia, LLC has developed a proprietary printing technology for GRCop-42, the preferred copper alloy used by NASA and private space flight companies for rocket thrust-chamber assemblies. The new technology combines a proprietary parameter set and post-processing heat treatment, and reportedly results in GRCop-42 components with minimum density of 99.94 percent, minimum tensile strength of 28.3 ksi, minimum ultimate yield strength of 52.7 ksi and minimum elongation of 32.4 percent. Importantly, note Sintavia officials, the technology avoids the use of a hot isostatic press in post-processing steps, reducing the time, complexity and cost of production.

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Strong and Ductile 3D Metal Printed Components
Since 3D printing builds to near net or finished dimensions, vacuum heat treating is an absolute necessity. Vacuum levels that approach 1 X 10-6 Torr produce clean and oxide free surface conditions that are metallurgically stable. Critical temperature control is also a must to avoid cracking and producing a strong and ductile part.

University of Utah
University of Utah Team Wins Aluminum-AM Heat Sink Challenge
A team of University of Utah students has won the 2021 ASME/K16 and IEEE/EPS Heat Sink Design Challenge, an international competition where students competed to design an AM aluminum natural-convection heat sink that provided maximum performance. The heat sink had to be designed to operate at as low a temperature as possible for as low a cost as possible. The University of Utah team competed against 21 other teams.

“The 2021 competition involved designing a forced convection heat sink,” says team member Bence Csontos, “so after our initial research phase we began designing a forced convection heat sink to practice what we learned from research papers. We also toured a local AM company to get a sense for the limitations of AM to consider in our design process. We arrived at a pin-fin-shaped heat sink that had a series of revolved airfoils stack on top of one another to maximize surface area, minimize mass, which reduced cost, and utilized principles in fluid mechanics and heat transfer physics.”

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On-demand Webinar Recording: NoSupportsT Metal Printing
Past methods for supporting metal additive (AM) parts have imposed limitations on part design. The increased complexity of removing supports has added cost and lead time, and some parts & applications have even been disqualified from AM due to support-based issues. Watch now to learn how NoSupportsT Metal Printing fixes that.

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Watch: 7 Large-Part Metal 3D Printers Showcased
In less than 17 minutes, this video reviews 3D metal printers from seven different companies designed to making large parts. The printers on stage:
  • ExOne X1 160PRO, a binder-jetting machine with a build volume of 800 by 500 by 400 mm
  • BeAM Modulo 400, a directed-energy-deposition (DED) machine with a build volume of 600 by 400 by 400 mm
  • MetalFab1 from Additive Industries, which uses powder-bed fusion (PBF) technology and has a build volume of 420 by 420 by 400 mm
  • Adira AddCreator, which uses the tiled laser-melting process and has a build volume of 1000 by 1000 by 500 mm
  • ADC Aeroswift designed by (Aerosud/CSIR), which uses PBF laser melting and sintering and has a build volume of 2000 by 600 by 600 mm
  • Titomic TKF1000, which uses material jetting technology and has a build volume of 0.75 m3
  • Sciaky EBAM 300, a DED machine with a build volume of 5791 by 1219 by 1219 mm.

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North America's Most Influential Additive Manufacturing Event is BACK!
RAPID + TCT is returning September 13–15, 2021 in Chicago! Stay up-to-date in the constantly changing world of additive manufacturing and 3D technologies. Learn real-world applications: experience 200+ exhibits and new products, expert keynotes and thought leadership panels, 65+ conference presentations, and industry networking.
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