Cobra Debuts Metal 3D-Printed Putter

December 2, 2020

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Cobra Debuts Metal 3D-Printed Putter
Cobra Golf has unveiled its King Supersport-35 putter, developed via a 2-yr. collaboration with Cobra engineers and teams at HP Inc. and Parmatech.  The putter features a 3D-printed metal head with an intricate lattice structure designed to optimize weight distribution and deliver the highest-possible moment of inertia in a blade shape, according to Cobra officials. Using Parmatech’s production capabilities and expertise, and HP’s Metal Jet 3D printing system, the teams developed a unique putter design that also employs SIK Golf’s Descending Loft Technology in the putter head’s face insert. The putter body is printed on the HP Metal Jet using Type 316 stainless steel, and then sintered at a high temperature to bind the metal and form the final head part.

“HP’s 3D-printing technology allows us to utilize a complex lattice structure to remove weight from the center of the putter head and push significant amounts of weight to the perimeter,” says Jose Miraflor, vice president of marketing for Cobra Golf.

Centorr image
High-Performance Vacuum Debind and Sintering Furnaces
Centorr Vacuum Industries is a manufacturer of high performance vacuum debind and sintering furnaces for the 3D Additive Manufacturing furnace market, as well as units for Metal and Ceramic Injection Molding. Available with either metal or graphite hot zones, these units can process all of the most common metals including Fe-Ni, 316-L, 17-4PH, and Inconel powders and feedstocks as well as a variety of other materials including titanium, tungsten carbide, tool steels, and superalloys. The new Sintervac AM™ operates at pressures of 0-15 torr as well as positive pressures of argon, nitrogen, or forming gas for increased flexibility of processing binder-jetted parts, while the Workhorse AM™ is used for the heat treat, annealing, and tempering of laser-sintered parts. For more information, contact the sales department at 603-595-7233, or

Whitepaper: How Metal-Powder Properties Affect AM-Build Performance
A new whitepaper from Equispheres, titled The Problem with Additive Metal Manufacturing, details results from ongoing studies regarding the importance of feedstock powder properties with respect to metal additive manufacturing (AM) mechanical performance and speed of production. The whitepaper outlines nine measurable factors that directly influence metal AM printing speed, part strength, reliability, consistency, and overall part quality. Data points are provided for all variables for comparison.

“The AM industry long has understood that certain bulk characteristics of the feedstock powder, such as flowability and packing density, have an impact on the mechanical performance of the printed part,” says Doug Brouse, vice president of strategic partnerships at Equispheres, a material-science company focused on AM and cold-spray applications. “But what has not been clear is how much these bulk features matter, and precisely what specific powder particle properties are required to achieve them.”

Industry News
New Aluminum-Alloy Powder on the Market for Laser Powder-Bed Fusion Systems
America Makes Awards $2.3M in Funding for Three AM Project Areas
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Fall 2020
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Machine Learning: A Game Changer for AM Quality Assurance
Machine learning in any environment, including metal AM, depends on gathering quality data and then using the right system to validate that data. Like most other processes, the old expression “garbage in garbage out” applies.

Formnext 2020—A Virtual AM Extravaganza
The four-day educational platform features the AM industry's most inspirational figures, sharing their expertise on how design-to-manufacturing technologies are making a real impact in the manufacturing world.

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