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Fiber Laser Machine Offers High-Speed, Stable Cutting of Material to 25-mm Thick

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Amada Ensis-3015AJ fiber laser machineThrough evolution of its beam-control technology, Amada is able to offer its new Ensis-3015AJ (9-kW/6-kW) fiber laser machine, employing Ensis-9000 and Ensis-6000 high-output oscillators. The machine provides high-speed stable cutting in materials to 25 mm thick at 2.4 times the speed of the company’s traditional fiber laser machine.

Ensis beam-control technology allows creation of an optimum beam form according to material quality and thickness, with advancements enabling stable cutting of material from thin to thick. And, combined with the high-output oscillators, the machine cuts with reduced dross and bevel and improved surface-roughness characteristics.

Clean Fast Cut and Easy Fast Cut technology dramatically reduces the consumption of assist gas during nitrogen cutting, according to company officials. It applies a noncontact nozzle that supplies assist gas at a low pressure that reportedly reduces processing costs while maintaining cutting quality.

It features the AMNC 3i control unit, which operates like a smartphone. Adapted to Amada’s IoT V-factory, the unit visualizes machine operating results, including power consumption and processing costs, and enables smart manufacturing through maintenance and support, thus maximizing machine capacity.


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