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Mid-Rail Gantry Waterjet System Runs as Many as Four Cutting Heads

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Jet Edge has introduced its latest generation of mid-rail gantry-style waterjet-cutting systems that can operate as many as four abrasive-jet or water-only cutting heads. The machines hold ±0.001-in. linear positional accuracy (over 12 in.) per axis and p±0.001-in. repeatability (bidirectional). Moving elements are supported on THK linear ways; precision ballscrews are directly coupled to servomotors; and critical motion components are protected with metal covers, brushes, labyrinth passages, lip seals, and high-volume low-pressure filtered air.

The machines separate the motion system from the waterjet cutting table, eliminating vibration and ensuring optimum part quality. Sizes range from 5 by 5 ft. to 24 by 13 ft.; an optional mirroring package allows waterjet operators to cut large parts twice as fast.

Jet Edge:


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