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One-Touch Manual Clamps Simplify Workholding

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Fixtureworks has introduced an extensive new lineup of One-Touch manual clamps, providing easy and efficient clamping and unclamping of workpieces in one simple operation. Each clamp is designed to eliminate the need for tools when applying clamping force, and helps reduce setup time and increase productivity. Select from a variety of swing, push, pull, retractable, thrust, snap and side clamps in a range of clamping force.

Swing clamps operate by rotating the handle, which simultaneously swings the clamp arm over the workpiece into the clamping position. Further rotation of the handle draws the clamp arm down and applies direct downward force on the workpiece. Swing clamps are available with cam, adjustable and spiral-acting handles with clamping force from 170 to 2250 lb.

Push clamps are designed to exert pressure against a strap clamp or workpiece by rotating the handle, which then forces the center piston to extend out. Simply rotating the handle in the opposite direction retracts the center piston. Maximum clamping force: 890 lb.



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