Capacitor Discharge Welder, Waveform Technology on Display

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Dengensha America
Booth N5922

Dengensha America will demonstrate its Flexwave capacitive discharge welding (CDW) machine, and corresponding flexible Flexwave waveform technology, combining the capabilities of CDW and a 15,000-Hz bipolar medium-frequency converter (MFC). Among the benefits attendees will view firsthand: optimum weld quality, easy-to-set weld parameters and energy savings. Thermal distortion is minimized, and welds are made with relatively high current and short weld times.

Flexwave technology provides direct-current configuration of weld-current values, which simplifies the process of setting parameters. The technology also maximizes waveform flexibility, which allows necessary parameter settings such as tempering, demagnetization and upslope.


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