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Video: Shamic Sheetmetal's success with M1 ERP software

Thursday, September 24, 2015
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Get a glimpse into Shamic Sheetmetal's most excellent journey with M1 ERP
ECi M1 ERP software for growing manufacturers
Video: Shamic Sheetmetal's Success with M1 ERP Software
Watch this video about Shamic Sheetmetal's success with ECi M1 ERP
Watch as Luke Crosthwaite, General Manager of Shamic Sheetmetal, takes you through the key thought processes and benefits that make ECi M1 Manufacturing ERP software a comfortable fit for managing and growing your business.

In this short video you'll see:
  • Why M1 was the right choice for Shamic Sheetmetal
  • Shamic's favorite features in M1
  • Luke Crosthwaite's recommendation to other manufacturers
Choosing the right software to take your manufacturing business into the future is a tough decision; taking a couple minutes to watch this eye-opening video is not.
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