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Tool Up to Create Rib, Shear, Offset and Pincher Features in Sheetmetal

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mate Precision Tooling Mate Precision Tooling, Anoka, MN, introduces Roller Solutions tooling, a family of tools that allows fabricators to quickly and cost-effectively create rib, shear, offset and pincher features in sheetmetal. Compared to traditional methods utilizing progressive forming tools, Mate Roller Solutions promises to dramatically increase productivity when creating detailed forms.

Tooling configurations include:

• Rolling rib--creates stiffening ribs in any contour, starting and ending anywhere on the sheet.

• Rolling shear--for slitting and nibbling operations, this tool virtually eliminates burrs and will minimize scrap. Use it to perform high-speed straight-line and contour cutting.

• Rolling offset--creates offsets and eliminates the need for press-brake secondary forming operations. This tooling can quickly create straight-line and contoured offsets.

• Rolling pincher--allows parts to be quickly and cleanly separated from surrounding sheetmetal without burrs. By utilizing precise scoring, it creates parts that easily snap from the sheet with high-quality edges.

Designed for thick-turret B-station applications, all four Roller Solutions tools handle high-speed applications. The tooling works well on a variety of materials including stainless steels, mild steels and aluminum.

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