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New CNC Coiler Increases Capacity at Newcomb Spring Texas Operation

Tuesday, March 24, 2015
Newcomb Spring Corp., headquartered in Decatur, GA, recently purchased a CNC spring coiler capable of manufacturing a range of compression, extension and torsion springs. The machine’s automated features enable the company to coil precision springs using wire diameters to 0.625 in. with increased speed and productivity.

The coiler rapidly produces parts that traditionally required manual handling, as its automated features eliminate the need for labor-intensive hand tooling and many secondary processes, thus providing faster turnaround times and less waste material.

“We purchased this high-end spring coiler for its advanced capabilities, which allow us to provide strict compliance to specifications, reduce lead times and substantially increase the production of large springs,” explains Ron Hubbard, general manager at Newcomb Spring of Texas, where the equipment is installed.

The coiler also monitors production in real-time with integrated spring-forming software, tracking and charting information such as the springs’ OD and pitch, and the machine’s wire-feeding speed. In addition, the coiler offers a unique 3D preview function, allowing an operator to analyze and make adjustments to the spring, quickly recalibrating the machinery without having to key in all order specifications. With advanced reporting capabilities, the coiler also can record and save job specifications to ease setup on future production runs.

Newcomb Spring Corp. is a worldwide supplier of compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, wire forms, stampings, rings, hooks and battery contact springs. Besides Decatur and Texas, the company has facilities in California, Connecticut, Colorado, North Carolina, Tennessee and Ontario, Canada.
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