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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Engineering Technology Associates, Inc.
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ETAEngineering Technology Associates, Inc., Troy, MI, recently released Dynaform, which features a new module, D-Eval, for die evaluation. Dynaform simulation software analyzes the entire die system and allows organizations to bypass soft tooling, thus reducing tryout time, lowering costs and improving overall productivity, according to company officials.

Because many tooling designs are performed in a CAD environment, the new D-Eval module was specifically created to support and analyze CAD-based tooling and engineering designs. A CAE solution, D-Eval is tailored to support engineers in the early stages of the product design cycle. It allows engineers to take manufacturability into consideration early in the design process, ahead of the tooling stage. Dynaform also includes new add-ons: Trim Line Development, Rotary Tube Bending Design & Analysis, Hot Forming and Die Structure Cooling.

The suite also offers four other modules: Blank Size Engineering, Formability Simulation, Die System Analysis and the Optimization Platform.

Through these five modules, Dynaform encompasses the entire die-system process in one interface, guiding users through cost estimation, quoting, die evaluation and formability analysis. Then in a virtual environment, it moves the part through stamping, station by station.


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