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Fine Titanium Powders for Additive Manufacturing

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Praxair, Inc.’s Surface Technologies business unit announced plans to begin marketing fine, spherical titanium powder for use in 3D printing by additive manufacturers serving the aerospace, automotive, industrial and medical markets.  Metal printing with titanium enables manufacturers to elicit the benefits of titanium’s strength, light weight and corrosion resistance in advanced applications.

“Until now, there’s been limited availability of fine, titanium powder in the marketplace to create parts,” says Dean Hackett, vice president of advanced materials and equipment for Praxair Surface Technologies.

Praxair’s ability to produce large-scale volumes of titanium powders for additive manufacturing evolves from its experience producing gas-atomized powders for thermal-spray coating. Further development of a proprietary atomization process designed specifically for titanium allows the company to make large batches of fine, titanium powder. 

“We use close-coupled, high-pressure gas atomization to produce fine, spherical titanium powder in large quantities,” says Andy Shives, additive manufacturing marketing manager for Praxair Surface Technologies.


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