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Simplified Robotic Parts Feeding

Monday, April 1, 2013

Adept Technology, Inc., Pleasanton, CA, a provider of high-speed industrial automation products for manufacturing, packaging, material handling and factory automation, introduces the FlexiBowl, an innovative vision-based robotic part- feeding solution available as an option on all Adept robot systems. The Adept FlexiBowl employs circular band tracking to simplify and speed the robotic acquisition of component parts used in assembly, handling and kitting applications. The unit can quickly separate and orient a variety of parts made from diverse materials including plastic, metal, rubber and silicone.

“Unlike traditional vibratory bowl feeders, which have limited flexibility due to their high level of customization,” says Adept president and CEO John Dulchinos, “the FlexiBowl utilizes vision technology to create a truly flexible, standard parts-feeding solution that can be deployed and redeployed quickly, eliminating the time, cost and complexity associated with traditional parts feeding.”

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