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Esab Extends its Manual Plasma-Cutting Product Range

Monday, October 8, 2012

Esab Welding & Cutting Products Florence, SC, introduces the PowerCut 400 and 700 manual plasma-cutting packages. The PowerCut 400 has a cutting capacity to 3/8 in. and severs to ½ in.; maximum piercing capacity is 3/16 in. The PowerCut 700 has a cutting capacity to 5/8 in. and severs to 7/8 in.; maximum piercing capacity is 5/16 in.

The machines feature a durable, damage-resistant external housing design--corrosion- and weather-resistant, yet lightweight for portability. The PowerCut 400 weighs in at 32 lb.; the PowerCut 700 at 47 lb.

As with other PowerCut models, a voltage booster assists in finishing cuts on thick material, and proves ideal for novice operators. Sensitive internal electronics are suspended from the frame, insulating them from shock and vibration. 

Unique to the PowerCut 700: grate-cutting mode, designed to optimize productivity when cutting grate or mesh material. The unit also features a CNC interface and can be plugged directly into a cutting table for mechanized cutting.

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