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Avoid Fire Hazards When Welding Oily Parts

Monday, October 8, 2012

Lincoln Electric introduces a multifaceted fire-safety program dubbed Guardian, introduced at IMTS and which features a range of products designed to prevent, detect and suppress fires within weld-fume-extraction systems. Noted high-risk welding applications include robotic welding of stamped, oily parts, and misuse of source-extraction arms that may accidentally pull lit cigarettes through to the filters.

Based on the specific application, a metalformer can select among the Guardian’s mix of products that includes:

• In-line spark arrestors

• Limestone feeder, which supplies a steady and uninterrupted flow of limestone powder to the duct (limestone decreases the combustibility of oil in the system)

• Spark detectors

• Fire-detection panel, which processes signals from temperature, spark and smoke sensors, and activates the alarm and fire-suppression system

• Aerosol generator (to extinguish a fire in the filter housing)

Lincoln Electric Co.:


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