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Gas Spring--Same Height, Double the Force

Tuesday, February 1, 2011
Dadco, Plymouth, MI, has introduced the UX.1600 nitrogen gas spring, the latest addition to its Ultra Force Extended Series. The 1.7-ton UX.1600 matches the ¾-ton ISO standard-size full-height gas spring in overall length, with twice the amount of force on contact. It has a 63-mm-dia. body and is available with stroke lengths from 25 to 200 mm. It has linking capability through its G 1/8 port and is offered with a variety of mount options. Other models include the UX.1000 (1.0 ton), UX.2600 (2.6 ton), UX.4600 (4.7 ton), UX.6600 (7.4 ton), UX.9600 (10.7 ton) and UX.20000 (22 ton).

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