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ERP and Nesting Systems Seamlessly Integrated

Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Invera, Houston, TX, provider of Stratix ERP software for metal service centers, and SigmaTek Systems, LLC, Cincinnati,. OH, provider of SigmaNest CAD/CAM sheet-nesting software, announced the release of Stratix/SigmaNest, a software module designed to integrate ERP and nesting functions. As service centers and fabricators use the module, Stratix inventory and orders can be dynamically downloaded to SigmaNest and the final optimized nest—developed for plasma, laser, oxyfuel or waterjet cutting-- can then be uploaded back to Stratix automatically. The software module eliminates the need to manually load inventory and new orders into the nesting software, and also maintains live-update inventory, including tracking of remnants.

Invera: 514/925-8558;

SigmaTek: 513/674-0005;


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