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Punch Technology for Thick Turret Presses Takes a Leap Forward

Wednesday, November 30, 2011
Wilson Tool Intl., White Bear Lake, MN, introduces its patent-pending EXP punch technology, manufactured with Wilson Tool’s Ultima premium tool steel to increase wear resistance, and reportedly the first tooling in the industry to offer standard holders with universal punches. EXP punches for thick turret presses promise to increase productivity, reduce waste, save storage space and deliver improved performance, grind life and durability compared to previous models of tooling.  

EXP punch holders fit in all styles of A- and B-station thick turret assemblies, and are available for every major brand of thick turret tooling. Fabricators can use the same holder with multiple punches. Punches are available in rounds or special shapes. And for shops that run more than one type of thick turret tooling, EXP punch technology is compatible with all current guide assemblies, eliminating the need to purchase punches from multiple manufacturers.

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