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Versatile, New Press-Brake Tooling Line

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wila, Hanover, MD, introduces a new line of American Vintage precision press-brake tooling, manufactured in traditional Imperial dimensioning using high-quality tool steel. All punches and dies are available in solid 20-in. lengths, and in 8- and 18.5-in. sectionalized sets. This allows a fabricator to quickly develop any needed tooling length, from ¾ in. up to machine length, in ¼-in. increments.

American Vintage Punch lengths weighing 28 lb. or less come with Wila’s patented Safety-Clicks for vertical loading and unloading. The punches can be used in standard American ram clamps available on all press brakes designed for American tooling. The punch tangs are premachined with self-seating grooves for use with Wila American Style hydraulic clamping systems, for quick setups.

All American Vintage tools are CNC-hardened at the bending radii to minimum Rockwell HRC-52 to a minimum depth of 0.080 in., and are precision ground to ±0.0008 in. The punches come in a standard working height of 4.750 in. Tools are available for air and bottom bending.

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