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Auto-Balanced Angle Grinder Lowers Vibration, Reduces Fatigue

Saturday, May 1, 2010
Metabo Corp., West Chester, PA, introduces the 6-in. model WEPA14-150 Quick angle grinder, featuring an auto-balance system that, compared to conventional grinders, extends tool and wheel life while making it safer and more comfortable to use.
Auto-Balanced Angle Grinder
Rather than using a traditional backing flange, an auto-balancing flange is pressed onto the spindle; ball bearings automatically offset out-of-balance conditions while the tool is in use, significantly reducing vibration, say company officials.

The unit also features a long-lasting 12.2-A motor, the most powerful in Metabo’s small angle grinder line. An improved and sonically balanced fan paired with improved venting and more efficient internal ducting has increased air flow over the motor by 15 percent, contributing to the tool’s long life. And, advanced electronic features include an electronic winding temperature monitor with LED display, electronic soft-start feature and electronic speed stabilization. The unit weighs just 6.1 lb. and delivers 1400 W of power with 31 in.-lb. of torque and a no-load speed of 9000 rpm.

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