Tooling for Turret Punch Presses
Mate Precision Tooling

Monday, September 1, 2008
Mate Precision Tooling, Anoka, MN, will exhibit the latest in tooling-system technology for turret punch presses. The company’s new Marathon Plus fully guided tooling for Murata Wiedemann turret punch presses has all of the benefits of its original Marathon system plus click-and-turn external punch-length adjustment. This minimizes downtime, increases adjustment accuracy and eliminates the need for shims. Marathon Plus features long-lasting M2 high-speed-steel punches for exceptional edge quality and spring-loaded strippers that hold sheets flat.

Tooling for turret punch presses

New Mate thick-turret EasyView Slug Free dies use colored O-rings that allow users to assign visual identification to signify a specific feature or use of the tool, speeding tool selection and setup. The O-ring is positioned in a special groove on the outside diameter of the die. The Slug Free dies eliminate slug pulling, thus promoting improved piece-part quality and increased tool life.

And the company’s expanded Xcel line of fully guided thin-turret tooling for Strippit turret punch presses includes two new 3.5-in.-station punch assemblies and features fully guided strippers and premium high-speed-steel slitting punch inserts. The unique Xcel system guides the tip of the punch relative to the stripper and guides the stripper relative to the punch guide assembly. The guide holds the stripper rigidly while the stripper guides the tip of the punch for high precision, fully guided punching performance.

Additional features include special steel options, pushbutton punch-length adjustment, interchangeable punch drivers and Slug Free die geometry.


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