Removable Turrets, Wipe-Action Tooling in New Turret Press
Murata Machinery USA, Inc.

Monday, September 1, 2008
Murata Machinery USA, Inc., Charlotte, NC, introduces
Removable turrets, wipe-action tooling in new turret press
the NPS-01, a 22-ton turret press that uses eight smaller removable turrets in the large turret mounted in the press frame. Tools are changed in the smaller turrets at the rear of the machine where another larger turret, called a presetter, is located. These smaller turrets are available at any time as replacements for the large working turret in the press. The press’ tool changer has two slots, an empty slot that picks a turret out of the press and a slot with the new turret installed. The setup allows for uninterrupted press operation without time-consuming tool changes.

The NPS-01 addresses the secondary operations in a single pass, saving time, manpower, energy and material. It controls bending operations up and down via wipe-action tooling. The result is maximum bend height of 0.75 in. at any angle in lengths to 7 in. Its rollform tapping feature covers M3 to M8 treads, and a 7-in.-blade tool acts like a shear at any angle, dropping parts down the press’ 20 by 20-in. parts chute.


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