Compact Robotic-Welding Cell

Saturday, March 1, 2008
Compact robotic-welding cell
For metalformers looking to dramatically enhance welding productivity on small- to medium-sized parts, Lincoln Electric Co., Cleveland, OH, offers its eCell dual fixed-table robotic cell. The eCell offers a compact 90 by 52-in. footprint. Shipped completely assembled and ready for immediate installation and production, the eCell is particularly suited for smaller shops seeking a lower-cost automation alternative to labor-intensive arc welding.

The eCell’s Fanuc ArcMate 100iBe robot features an exceptional reach/stroke ratio and high-axis speeds, assisted by the R-J3iB controller and ArcTool software.

At the heart of the system is Lincoln’s Power Wave 355 M, a digitally controlled, 350-A inverter-welding power source.


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