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MetalForming Magazine

February 2019 Issue

Volume 53, Number 2

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Cover Article

Quick Die Change System...Enables Tier One to Stay Ahead of Parts Demand
by Joe Jancsurak
For Stanley Engineered Fastening's Indiana plant, small parts for automotive is big business, requiring fast, efficient production, making quick die change an important part of its success.



The Real Cost of Shop Air Quality
by Louis A. Kren
Don't stop at the capital cost when assessing fume extraction and full air cleaning systems. Review the total cost of ownership as well.
Nesting Software Add-Ons Gain Fabricator 'Power User' Status
by Joe Jancsurak
From basic nesting to Industry 4.0 efforts, SteinerZ sets the bar high.
Ways to Decrease Cycle Time on Hydraulic Presses
by Louis A. Kren
This Q&A with an industry expert details how setpoint adjustment, equipment upgrades and improved line communication can speed press operation.
FABTECH 2018 Delivers
by Louis A. Kren and Joe Jancsurak
...the latest and greatest in metalforming and fabricating. Here's a sample.
In Die Fastening, Part One--The Whys and Hows
by Andrew Cooke
In the first of two articles, we explore why metalformers may benefit from performing fastening operations within the press, and how the technology successfully can be implemented. Part Two will cover troubleshooting.
Telos Global: Home to World's Largest Hot Stamping Line
by Joe Jancsurak
A 1500-metric-ton hydraulic hot-stamping press provides the speed and programmability necessary for this triple-purpose project.



Seven Basic Tips for Implementing a Robotic Welding Cell
Welding Well by Justin Craft
Feed the Beasts That Are Servo Presses
The Importance of Tensile Test Standards and Gauge Length
The Science of Forming by Daniel J. Schaeffler, Ph.D.
Die Maintenance, at What Cost?
Tooling by Design



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