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MetalForming Magazine

July 2017 Issue

Volume 51, Number 7

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Cover Article

PMA--75 Years Strong
by Lou Kren
Constantly evolving and meeting challenge upon challenge to promote and propel our industry, the Precision Metalforming Association celebrates its diamond anniversary.



Controls: Don't Disable
by Louis A. Kren
Investing in press and line controls leverages high technology to monitor, operate and optimize presses and entire lines. But the investment is wasted when users--and there are plenty--turn off key control functions or inputs.
Tips for Improving Plasma-Torch Consumable Life
Follow the advice presented here to optimize the life of your plasma-arc-cutting consumables--swirl ring, retaining cap, electrode, nozzle orifice and more--and ensure optimum and consistent cut quality.
Mired in Inspection Documentation?
by Brad Kuvin
This job-shop manufacturer of primarily medical products sure is, but by sharpening its ERP-software sword, the pain is minimized. Among critical ERP-managed functions: incoming material qualification and inventory monitoring, shop-floor timekeeping (with alerts), and contract review.
Precision Machining Ensures Precision Fineblanking
Feintool delivers on speed, quality and profitability with precision VMCs.
Custom Spring Design from A to Z
by Ritch Roehlich
When designing a custom spring, consider several key factors including the spring's service environment and desired cycle life, and its installation location. The three primary design parameters: wire size, relaxed free length and solid height.
2017 and Beyond
by Brad Kuvin
A futurist and expert in trends and innovation examines what he refers to as the "modern-day leadership dilemma"--heading toward the Jetsons when you have a bunch of Flintstones around!
Are Digital Technologies for Everyone?
by Cindy Jutras
Additive manufacturing, smart robots, machine learning, predictive analytics and other coming technologies promise to change the manufacturing landscape, sooner than later. Here's some preliminary survey data to gauge how well manufacturers understand these technologies, and their plans to implement them.



Our Industry's Strengthening Pulse
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
Study of 1977 Auto Bumper Quite Revealing
The Science of Forming by Stuart Keeler
Blank-and-Draw-Process Problems--Part Two
Tooling by Design by Peter Ulintz
Major Citations Reversed When Evidence of Compliance Excluded
You and the Law by Doug Ehlke
Take Advantage of the Opportunities
BackTalk by Lou Kren



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