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MetalForming Magazine

November 2007 Issue

Volume 41, Number 11

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Cover Article

Prospering in a Global Market
PMA Chairman for 2008 Ralph Hardt, president of Feintool North America, will hit the ground running with an aggressive approach to global marketing for metalforming companies, PMA membership growth and legislative advocacy.



The Resurrection of a High-Speed Stamper
More than just a metalforming company, Composidie banks on its expertise in die design and build to produce dies that require near-zero clearances.
Banking on Office Furniture
Read on for an overview of this dependable low-profile market segment, its unique characteristics and demands and how its suppliers stay successful.
Automated Press Line Supports Kanban Stamping
In search of production flexibility, custom metalformer Luitink Mfg. Co. finds it by automating an 800-ton progressive-die press to stamp parts on a kanban system targeting one- and two-week intervals.


Tooling Technology

Fully Guided Tooling for Strippit-Style Presses
Right-Angle Cordset Ideal for Tight Spaces
Miniature Sensors Withstand High Pressure
New s to Use FEA Data
by Al Foote
Die designers routinely employ finite-element analysis (FEA) for forming analysis or die simulation, but FEA data can provide much more. Using FEA incremental applications, this company simulates part surface-finish quality and more.



Manufacturing Can't Prosper via Instant Gratification
Dimensional Consistency and Strain Gradients
The Science of Forming
High-Speed Stamping -- Part 2
Tooling by Design
Sensors Outside the Die
Metalforming Electronics
How "The Retirement Plan Rescue" Saves a Ton of Taxes, Yet Creates Tax-Free Wealth
Blackman on Taxes
Wrinkles in Workplace Discrimination Lawsuits
You and the Law
A Stainless Reputation



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