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New Product Articles

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Below is a complete list of all new product articles found in the Training Zone.

  1. PMA Launches METALFORM EDU to Tackle Skills Gap via Virtual Coursework
    Spotlight | posted on 11/1/2018
  2. Industry Experts Needed to Develop Die-Setter Training
    Spotlight | posted on 4/1/2018
  3. Expand Your Industry Knowledge at PMA's Technical Seminars
    Spotlight | posted on 1/1/2018
  4. C4MC Offers Resources to Promote Metalforming Careers
    Spotlight | posted on 10/1/2017
  5. In Memory of PMA's Expert in Workforce Development/Industry Training
    Spotlight | posted on 9/1/2017
  6. Technology Triumphs at FABTECH 2016
    Tech Update | posted on 2/1/2017
  7. New Training Program for Onboarding Metalforming Employees
    Spotlight | posted on 7/1/2016
  8. PMA Offers New Supervisor-Training Series
    Spotlight | posted on 10/1/2015
  9. Executive Development Academy Coming to Chicago
    Spotlight | posted on 10/1/2015
  10. New Learning Opportunity for Top Industry Executives
    Spotlight | posted on 12/1/2014
  11. OSHA Offers Interactive Training Webtool for Identifying Workplace Hazards
    Safety Update | posted on 8/1/2014
  12. Reality-Based Welding Training System Provides Fast, Accurate and Cost-Effective Results
    Tech Update | posted on 6/1/2014
  13. Metal-Cutting Technology e-Learning Program
    Tooling Update | posted on 1/1/2014
  14. New OSHA Training Component Emphasizes Workers' Rights
    Safety Update | posted on 8/1/2010

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