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Tower Clears the Air

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Kemper America, Alpharetta, GA, introduces the CleanAir Tower, ideal for use wherever local extraction does not work or proves insufficient. It effectively protects employees and machines from fine dust, while creating little or no air turbulence, ensuring that no dust is distributed into clean areas. It not only protects workers, but also helps minimize maintenance of welding machinery, preventing potentially harmful fine dust from getting into tools and equipment.

The Clean Air Tower is perfect for:

  • Production and logistics areas;
  • Environments where smoke and dust sources constantly change;
  • Supplementing other local exhaust ventilation; and
  • Workshops that don’t have adequate local exhaust ventilation or where it is otherwise not possible.

Features include a cyclone prefilter, a W3 welding-fume separation class, greater than 99.97-percent filter efficiency and a two-stage PTFE membrane cleanable filter.

Kemper America:



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