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Threaded Holes in Thin Material
Thin material poses challenges should threaded holes be required, with additional hardware and second- ary operations often needed. Thread- form tools employed in a punching machine provide an ideal alternative.
“A thread-form tool, with built-in coining capability, produces an offset emboss with a hole in it, either round or keyhole-shaped,” explains Erler. “A self-tapping screw threads that hole, with the screw head sitting flush with or below the sheet—typically the ideal fit. There’s no need for special hard- ware. Wilson Tool’s thread-form tool features a built-in coining operation to handle thicker material than what the thread size normally would call for. It’s one hit, followed by forming.”
Tapped Holes
Tapping holes within a punching machine eliminates a common sec- ondary operation, and tapping can occur at any location on the sheet. And, tool capabilities enable rollformed tap- ping as opposed to cut threads. Roll- formed tapping yields stronger threads with higher tensile strength, and because the threads are formed, not cut, tools produce no shavings.
“A quick-tap tool, depending on the thread size, locates either in the C or D station,” says Erler. “Users can thread either pierced or extruded holes, with extrusions upformed or downformed. Given perfect conditions, speeds approach 200 taps/min. The fastest manual operations just can’t compare. Also, punching machines can relocate directly over holes when tapping, which means high repeatability and high- quality threads.”
The List Goes On
Beyond what’s described here, fab- ricators can perform other operations in a punching machine that conven- tional wisdom routes to stamping presses, press brakes and standalone secondary operations. A discussion with machine and tool suppliers should provide enlightenment and help you win the efficiency game. MF
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