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PTM Corp.’s ‘New Baby’
  presses, from 45 to 1000 tons, along with a bevy of four-slide machines, produce 2.5 million production pieces per week.
Front and Center
...of the new addition to the pro- duction plant sits the Jier S4-1000- 6100-2450 mechanical press, a four- point eccentric-geared beast with two moving bolsters, Allen Bradley (Pan- elView) controls, a Helm tonnage mon- itor, and 12 automatic traveling die clamps with presence sensors (from Pascal Engineering) to foster quick die changeovers. It all sits on Air Loc vibra- tion/leveling isolation pads.
“Bed size (6100 by 2450 mm) was key for us in specifying the press,” Rus- sell-Kuhr notes, rather than only focus- ing on tonnage, since she does not con- sider PTM a heavy stamper. “In addition, Jier kept as much of the accompanying apparatus—control cab- inets and the like—in the mezzanine aside the press, to optimize use of floor
Among the parts PTM has stamped on its new 1000-ton press is this bracket the firm supplied to Hitachi, for use in applications related to the electrification of automobiles.
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