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                                   Fabrication: IoT
  Mohamed Abuali
  Mike Hart
floor, then outline the steps that man- ufacturers can take to affordably scale analytics to include operator input, provide conditional monitoring, and track scrap and yield counts.
• Mohamed Abuali, CEO of IoTco, LLC, who notes, “Manufacturers must focus on the concrete steps to move from the start to finish of a predictive analytics project. The result is a suc- cessful deployment of predictive
maintenance (worry-free uptime) and predictive quality (near-zero defects). These two areas are the low hanging fruit and the quickest wins for smart manufacturing.” Abuali will outline the six steps toward successful implementation of a predictive analytics project—data collection; data/signal processing; feature extraction and selection; machine health assessment; machine life prediction; and diagnostics—the root cause of failure.
ERP + IoT Ties Things Up
Mike Hart, director, product strategy, manufacturing and industrial IoT, Plex Systems: “When industrial IoT and con- nected manufacturing come together, the entire organization gains very real results. You can leverage the volumes of pro- duction data collected in the context of the business to
make smarter, more accurate data- driven decisions rather than a simple gut-feel.”
Hart notes that customers have no patience for short shipments or delays, while wanting higher-quality products and more customization. “Let’s face it,” he says, “continuous improvement isn’t even a sustainable option if your customers are trying to cut costs while simultaneously ask- ing you for more.
“What’s changing the way we solve for these problems,” Hart continues, “is what’s known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which promises to bring us a wave of manufac- turing technology that will enable metal manufacturers to find more ways to improve productivity. Building on the pre- vious digital revolution with innovations in wireless connec- tivity, cloud computing and inexpensive sensors, you now can collect more data from machines, processes and systems. This in turn helps manufacturers gain new insights into their operations, leveraging big data and analytics to understand what is happening on the shop floor in amazing detail.”
When companies have the technology to support deci- sion-making with real-time data about production opera- tions, they unlock a world of opportunity to connect their
   Next-Generation Servo Press
               New high torque liquid cooled servo motor, minimal reduction of working energy / rating point at maximum pendulum speed for improved productivity.
Komatsu’s proven capacitor electricity storage system reduces power source capacity and saves energy.
Remote Monitoring system continually checks machine performance as well as inter- connected peripherals. All data stored and accessed through the internet.
High rigidity frame of slide and bed deflection at 0.001”/ft left to right and front-to-back enables high accuracy forming.
Large-sized touch panel display improves operability.
The H2FM Servo Press features a high rigidity frame
             and Advanced Technologies fo
or performance and flexibility
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