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 OMAX: A Waterjet for Every User
                For the last 25 years,
Omax abrasive waterjets
has pushed the extremes
of micro and macro
machining. Omax’s
MicroMax JetMachining
Center is capable of a posi-
tioning accuracy within five
microns and is being used
for extremely small preci-
sion customization in the
defense and tech indus-
tries. Using the same technology, the Omax 120X series, offered with a cus- tomizable cutting bed that can reach up to 40 by 10 ft., is being used in large tank fabrication as well as architectural metal and glass. Omax Corp. has developed the Omax, Maxiem, GlobalMax, and ProtoMax brands offer- ing a full spectrum of waterjet machine tool capability.
Omax machines are used to cut stone, brass, carbon steel, glass-refined
plastics, and so much more. With abra- sive waterjet, the cut product has no heat-affected zones (HAZ) or material distortion, often removing the need for secondary machining.
Omax’s easy-to-operate software, IntelliMax was engineered specifically for abrasive waterjets and requires no special machine code knowledge to use it. IntelliMAX software is compatible with
more than 90 different file formats, including all major CAD program file types, plus graphics file for- mats such as jpg, gif, and png files.
Omax Corp.
21409 72nd Ave. S. Kent, WA 98032 800/838-0343
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