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                  Tech Update
Heavyweight Moving Bolster for
AP&T Presses
AP&T has introduced a new version of its Moving Bol- ster for rapid and safe tool changes on tools weighing 30 mtons and more. The bol- ster, for AP&T’s newly manu- factured presses, offers a greater degree of freedom as compared to conventional surface tables, according to company officials.
“First and foremost, the
solution is very flexible,” says
Michael Karlsson, manager of development for press products. “The bolster can be conveyed in and out of the press in any direction, which means it can be adapted to suit the conditions at the individual factory as well as enable quick changes. And, its drive, entirely electric, results in robust and precise control. It also enables execution of the entire tool change using a few easy clicks of a button—an important advantage for customers with a highly automated process.”
Safety has been emphasized in this new version, with an optical scanner on the bolster continuously registering conditions in front of the bolster, and communicating
those with the control system. The scanner can be programmed to divide the area in the direction of motion into an outer and an inner safety zone. If the scanner detects a person or an object in the outer zone, bolster speed automatically reduces, and stops completely should a person or an object be discovered in the inner zone. AP&T:
MES Software
Streamlines Huge
Lean Project
Carlisle Brake and Friction manufactures braking products for construction, aero- space, agriculture, military, racing, mining and other on- and off-highway uses. The 101-year-old company, with annual sales of $300 million and 1600 employees, faces pressures similar to those of tradi- tional manufacturers, including off-shore competition from companies in lower-wage
   “ We had seconds to connect air, fluid and power to an assembly platform. Hello ATI.”
  The fully automated ATI Utility Coupler delivers what no manual solution can. Speed and reliability. Unique among all other automated solutions, ATI’s built-in engineered rotational compliance ensures reliable coupling. And our common mounting flats are compatible with ATI’s vast selection of tool changer utility modules. ATI is also compatible with DeviceNet, Ethernet and Profinet. So, if you’re ready to add a new level of speed and reliability to your manufacturing process just say, “Hello ATI.” See it now at
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