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                                          Coil-Processing Systems for Fineblanking Applications
Coe Press Equipment has announced the availability of its precision coil-pro- cessing lines optimized for fineblanking applications. The systems rely on Coe’s HD straightener that can address coil set and crossbow issues necessary to achieve the flatness required for producing near-
from thick and high-strength material, which can prove dangerous as well as challenging to handle manually. To address safety concerns, Coe’s fineblanking lines feature coil reels with multiple hydraulic holddowns with motorized endwheels, for effective coil containment. The mandrel and motorized endwheels rotate in unison for effective threading and rewinding.
Additionally, Coe’s pivoting alligator-style peeler-debender offers a hands-free, mod- ular approach to threading.
Tech Update
These fineblanking lines can process coil widths from 1 to 36 in., of material as thick as 1⁄2 in. and coil weights to 40,000 lb. Maximum material yield strength: 1000 MPa.
Coe Press Equipment:
   Vibro Transporters are
                 The simple yet rugged design of the Vibro 100% Air-Operated Transporter makes it a reliable, efficient and cost-effective choice for carrying objects along production lines or for removing scrap from beneath machine tools, even in very cramped spaces where belt conveyors can’t go.
Built to handle the toughest jobs; many of the original units first introduced in 1985 are still operating today. Four models are available and all are backed by our 2-year warranty (though you may never need it).
Register online or call us to receive your product line kit, application video, engineering support, or to locate the sales representative nearest you.
Global Distribution
                                                                                       Engineered First to Last
   FOSMO MASKIN A.S., Norway • UPTON & SULLIVAN CO., LTD., Canada • MTI Monterrey, Mexico
 net-shape blanked parts. As compared to other straighteners, the fineblanking edition provides increased roll-force deliv- ery, stronger gears and bearings, and an improved straightener-roller backup mech- anism for increased rigidity.
“The precision we’ve built into our straight- ening heads enables us to offer feed lines capable of achieving the flatness and tight tolerances required for fineblanking, helping deliver specialized stampings with high dimensional accuracy,” says Steve Donnay, Coe director of sales and marketing.
Fineblanked parts often are produced
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