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MetalForming/January 2017
OMCO is a forward-thinking company, successfully growing its roll forming business from transportation into appliance, solar and other markets. Partners like COE Press Equipment have been key to OMCO’s diversification strategy. Having developed a controls package specific to roll forming, COE has added flexibility and automation to OMCO’s processes for increased efficiencies and improved quality.
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“COE is our trusted partner, responding quickly and readily to what we need when we need it, so that we perform well for our customers.”
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“We are honored to work with Workshops for Warriors as it helps veterans build a solid foundation for the future,” says Brian Page, West region head for JPMorgan Chase’s government, health- care, higher education and not-for-profit banking group.
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programming, advanced welding/fabrication and machinery repair. Between 2011 and 2016, Workshops for Warriors has trained and certified 321 veterans, with 1223 nationally recognized third-party credentials. In 2015, 94 percent of program graduates obtained jobs in advanced manufacturing. The school solves two sys- temic economic issues: rebuilding America’s advanced-manufacturing infrastructure and providing a nationally scalable and repeatable model to train, certify and help place transi- tioning service members and veterans into advanced-man- ufacturing careers.
longer to teach the students than it will be using 3D CAD software,” says Proeber. “Everything is very visual with 3D, of course, and with today’s die-design software, the students can animate dies on the computer screen as if those dies were running in the punch press.”
TMA to Offer Die-Design Classes in 2017
Red Bud Industries recently shipped a 0.375 by 72-in. blanking line with stretcher-leveling to Alliance Steel Corp., a steel service center located in Bedford Park, IL. The stretcher-leveler includes Red Bud’s SureGrip technology that allows various materials, such as hot-rolled, pickled-and-oiled or even coated, to be run without slippage or the need to change the gripper pads, according to company officials. The nonslip metallic grippers reportedly can be used for a year or longer without requir- ing replacement.
The Technology and Man- ufacturing Association (TMA) will be offering a die-design class in Illinois starting this month, to be taught by Accu- rate Die Design Software (Brookfield, WI) president and founder Ray Proeber. TMA had a successful die- design class for decades that graduated hundreds of stu- dents, according to Proeber, but due to declining enroll- ment it had been discontin- ued in 2005.
The unit also features Red Bud’s Quick Draw technology that enables cycle times of less than 8 sec. from the time the material is stopped for stretching to the time it starts moving again. This is as much as three times faster than other units on the market, claim Red Bud officials.
“Since the class, more than 10 years ago, had been taught using 2D CAD software along with a 2D die-design software package, it was much harder and took much
The new line handles coils
Software used in the class will include SolidWorks 3D CAD software along with Logopress3 die-design soft- ware. For more information, contact Ray Proeber at 262/938-9316 or the TMA Education Department at 847/825-1120.
Blanking Line for Alliance Steel

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