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  Punch, Flat Bar Shear, Angle Shear, Cope & Notch, we can do it all with Authority...
Shown with Optional Press Brake
100% Made in the USA
Featuring two-cylinder/two person operation, allowing the punch and shear end to be operated independently and simultaneously at full capacity and speed.
MM-Series include...
• Punch Press • Flat Bar Shear • Plate Shear • Coper/Notcher• Angle Shear
• Round & Square Shear (Optional)
• Standard models 45 tons to 135 tons
Gap-Bed Hydraulic Punch Press...
The GB series is ideal as a dedicated punch press, but easily accepts a wide range of standardaccessoriesandspecial toolingto allow shearing or forming for special jobs.
Double your production
with the DP series...
Back-to-back hydraulic punch presses with a single power source and separate controls.
Kalamazoo Metal Muncher
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                        Don’t let the precision die components be the piece in your manufacturing puzzle that prevents you from keeping your lines
up and running.
Automation Details Ball Lock Buttons
all Lock Retainers • Blade Punches Cut-off Dies • Die Inserts
Die Components Headed Punch Retainers Headed and Ball Lock Punches
               Headed and Headless Die Buttons
ustom Details • Roll Form Details
           Contact us today for all your precision tooling for stamping, roll forming and metalforming.
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  MetalMizer MV2018 The Affordable &
Versatile Vertical Bandsaw that Stands Out
• Convenient overhead controls
• 45° tilting saw head
• 18"x20"cutting capacity
• Made in the U.S.A.
                   Limited Quantity!
Available for Immediate Shipment
         Also depend on the
your high-quality metal sawing needs.
METALFLEX blade to meet
                                 Let Us Help Your Business Minimize Your
Total Cost of Risk
     At Pitcher Insurance Agency, we specialize in Business Insurance and Risk Management for the metal fabricating and manufacturing industry. Our program can reduce your Total Cost
of Risk, which not only includes your business insurance premium, but also your administrative expenses; risk control expenses; AND all of the direct and indirect (“hidden costs”) associated with claims.
Pitcher Insurance has created a group of innovative Risk Management solutions that have really helped our clients reduce their costs. Solutions like AcuComp, which audits
open Workers’ Compensation claims and works with the insurance carrier to reduce the often over-reserved claims, thus potentially lowering Workers’ Compensation premiums by
20 - 30%. Another effective tool we provide is our on-line Risk Management Center, which includes a customizable library of HR benefits, safety training and OSHA compliance resources.
Call us for a free review on reducing your Total Cost of Risk!
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