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                                                                        New Press
  800 mm; material thickness can range from 0.5 to 3.2 mm.
A New Metalforming Solution
When we visited, the plant was busy preparing for the first of the new work slated for the Stamtec press—six pro- gressive dies comprising 12 part num- bers for a customer in the commercial air-conditioning industry. That job, slated to kick off later this summer, will run on second shift, saving valuable first-shift press time for more complex transfer jobs.
Long-term, Wright expects Gene- see’s new showcase press line to tackle several large projects on a regular basis —contracts he’s finalizing now. In the meantime, he’ll continue to fill press time with short-term takeover work.
“The goal is to expand our capa- bilities, and then become more selec- tive about the type of work we bring in,” he shares. “That’s made possible with the bigger-bed press, and com-
Linear Transfer provided the through-the-window servo-transfer system for the press, which provides a maximum 900 mm of feed stroke, 350 mm of clamp stroke and
300 mm of lift.
plements our additional investments made in value-added welding capa- bilities. We can stamp big and small parts, and then assemble them for our customers.”
In the end, Wright expects a 5- to 7-
yr. payback on the new press line, based largely on how well the firm attracts a new customer base.
“If we get to 30-percent nonauto- motive,” says Wright, “our owners will be ecstatic.” MF
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