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                                       Lighter Crossbar Tooling Saves Energy, Increases Robot Capacity
faster than the previous model offered by Schuler, according to company officials. With a notch accuracy of 0.01 mm, it pro- vides the necessary precision, especially for thin sheets with low blanking clearance. Assisting in precision is the notcher‘s rigid construction and its slide’s play-free, pre-stressed roller guidance.
and is operated with oil-free air. The use of wear-free seals ensures low maintenance costs and a high reliability, claim Schuler officials. And, thanks to a counterbal- ance, foundation forces are low and the compact notcher can be placed above a cellar.
Schuler: Drives_Generators
New IMI Norgren Featherweight tooling, from IMI Precision Engineering, Saline, MI, reportedly is 70-percent lighter than existing modular tooling, meaning that it can consume less energy, increase robot speed and carry more cups. It also has a ball clamp that allows the crossbar to be positioned closer to the panel, which also helps speed press automation.
The machine has virtually no hydraulics
Notcher Ideal for Laminations
Tech Update
  Wintriss can do it all.
                         The lightweight tooling causes less wear and tear on crossbars and robots, help- ing reduce downtime and prolong equip- ment life. When maintenance is required, a simple-access bolt head on the bracket arms allows operators to make adjust- ments while the tooling is on the crossbar.
IMI Norgren Featherweight Tooling is a direct replacement for existing tooling, and is available in bracket-arm lengths from 100 to 800 mm in 25-mm increments. Additional size ranges will be introduced through the end of 2016.
IMI Precision Engineering:
        Schuler’s new Performer S produces laminations for electric motors and gener- ators with diameters of 80 to 1800 mm.
Schuler, with U.S. headquarters in Can- ton, MI, used the Coil Winding Expo in Berlin, Germany, to debut its newly devel- oped notcher. The Performer S is capable of producing laminations for electric motors and generators in a variety of sizes, notch- ing blanks with diameters from 80 to 1800 mm.
The notcher‘s large tooling area sim- plifies the use of a controlled die, while its modular construction enables rapid setups. The blankholder can be supplied as a retractable centering unit or blank ejector.
Operating at speeds to 1200 strokes/ min., the 200-kN notcher is 20-percent
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